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Currently SANDEYING Electronics has more than 300 staff, about 10,000 sqm factory area, and 25,000 sqm production capacity per month.

The factory has necessary pollution treatment facilities and meets environmental
policy of both local and national government.


Industry application

  • Automotive Products Telecommunication


    PCBs are a necessity for the telecommunications industry. From a PCB for broadcasting networks to PCBs for office communications, printed circuit boards are what makes electronic communications equipment possible.

    You'll find PCBs in phone switching systems, video collaboration, PBX systems and Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP devices. Communications PCBs are also used in general telecommunications systems like cell towers, satellites, high-speed routers and servers and commercial phone technology. Telecommunications PCBs are also often used to control LED displays and indicators.

    Contact us today if you need quality printed circuit boards for telecommunication devices.

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  • Consumer Electronics Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment

    PCBs are critically important in the medical field, You can find medical printed circuit boards in everything from pacemakers, defibrillators and heart monitors in the case of cardiovascular medical specification PCBs, to medical imaging systems, MRIs, CT scans, ultrasonic equipment and more. You will also find PCBs for medical devices like body temperature monitors, blood glucose monitors and electrical muscle stimulation equipment. PCBs for medical equipment are everywhere.

    SanDeYing Electronic manufactures many types of specialized PCB you are likely to require in your medical practice - whether you are supplying a hospital, doctor's office, fire and rescue service, dental practice, special care facility or medical device supplier.

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  • Industrial Products Industrial Control

    Industrial Control

    High-powered industrial applications for PCBs are common as well. These electronic components control the mechanisms used in factories and manufacturing facilities, and have to survive the harsh conditions often seen in industrial installations. This can include anything, including harsh chemicals, vibrating machinery and rough handling.

    In such a fast challenging environment, industry standards is equally rigorous. Currently, thick copper PCBs are often seen in other applications. This kind of PCB facilitate high-current industrial applications and battery chargers.

    SanDeYing Electronic provided high-quality, long-lasting, heat-resistant PCBs for a variety of industrial applications. Like Industrial Equipment( electric drills and presses), Measuring Equipment, Power Equipment( DC-to-AC power inverters, solar power cogeneration equipment and other power control devices) and so on.

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  • Communication Products Computer and Consumer Electronics

    Computer and Consumer Electronics

    PCBs for computers have evolved dramatically over the years.

    You won't find electronics PCBs today only in computers - although laptops, smartphones, desktops and tablets certainly can't function without quality printed circuit boards, and printed circuit boards for computers make up a large part of the industry.

    Your television, wireless router, video game system, coffee maker and monitor all operate using a printed circuit board. In the office, your printer, wireless mouse, network hardware, vending machine, scanner, fax, packaging equipment and more all use printed circuit boards, too — in fact, you probably have more printed circuit boards in your office building than people. Today's businesses and homes simply cannot function without reliable printed circuit boards.

    The type of printed circuit board you will need for your application will vary widely since the size, shape and function of consumer electronics. SanDeYing Electronic can manufacture just the right type of printed circuit board for you and your industry.

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  • Medical Products Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    There are so many different types of electronic systems in today's cars, the types of PCBs needed for automotive electronics vary greatly.

    The kinds of systems and operations that now use printed circuit boards for enhanced efficiency and safety include rear LED lights and running lights, transmission controls and comfort control units. You can also find car PCBs managing engines, entertainment systems, digital displays, radar, GPS, power relays timing systems, mirror controls and a lot more.

    SanDeYing Electronic has the ability to manufacture virtually any type of printed circuit board you may need for your automotive applications.

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  • Household Appliances LED Industry

    LED Industry

    LEDs have become very popular and are fast replacing the conventional light bulbs. The best thing about LEDs is that they deliver highly efficient output at a very low power consumption. Printed circuit boards are used to make these LED solutions. Sandeying Electronic is one of the leading providers of PCB services for LED industry.

    There are several applications in the LED industry, which make use of printed circuit boards, including Street Lighting; Elevator Lighting; Aircraft Running Lights; Operating Room Direct Lighting; Traffic and Signal Lighting; Highway Tunnel Lighting; Solar Power Products; Security Lights; Flood Lights and so on.

    SanDeYing Electronic is always manufacturing and supplying high-quality PCB solutions to lighting, you can depend on SDY’s high quality PCBs.

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